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How To Prevent Equipment Down Time In Your Business (PART 1)


Have you ever cringed when the power goes off unexpectedly because the electricians are on site finding a circuit?

How many spreadsheets or emails have you lost because the power has gone out and you hadn’t saved the work?

As electricians we regularly find switchboards that do not have sufficient or updated labelling. The same goes for specific power outlets and lights. In the past it has been a matter of turning off one circuit at a time to find the right one. In the meantime this has disrupted everybody in the office and most likely your customers too.

Here is the other thing I didn’t mention. The old method usually takes more time and more than one person to identify. So the labour cost increases.

Some electricians still do it this way.

Voltec Services utilises a range of modern equipment for its daily work and one such tool is a safety switch tester. We know how important it is to minimise disruption to your business operations so we use this tool to trip the circuit remotely so it can very easily be identified.

All other circuits stay on. Business as usual.

We use this method in just about every situation. Here is how it works:

  • No identification of areas, light numbers or specific outlet numbers.

2016-04-26 08.53.17

  • This is the light circuit to be isolated for repairs.

2016-04-26 09.28.39

  • Connect device

2016-04-26 09.39.51

  • Trip device

2016-04-26 09.39.37

  • Power off device

Tripped Circuit

  • Find tripped circuit.

Lock on to Safety Switch

  • Lock out for safety.

2016-04-26 10.07.40

Quick and easy as that!  All other circuits are still switched on. Interruption has been kept to an absolute minimum. The work can now go ahead safely.

If your Townsville business requires a Safety Inspection or any general electrical services call Ryan on 0438 214 425.

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