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5 Reasons to Install CCTV Cameras in Townsville

With increasing crime in Townsville now is the time to take action, to protect your family and business. Below are the five most common reasons people install CCTV cameras.

(1) Protect Your Property from Intruders with CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are a visual deterrent. Most thieves are opportunistic; they look for easy targets. Installing CCTV cameras in your home, shop or factory is your first line of defence.

(2) Prevent Stealing. Catch Culprits. Save Money.

In a factory or business loss of stock or machinery is a costly drain on your profit margin. By installing CCTV Cameras, you can quickly find out if the stealing is from staff or trespassers. If staff are involved, you can then take the appropriate action against those responsible. Most importantly, no more theft means more money in your pocket.

(3) Reduce After Hours Security Callouts

Animals and wind can accidentally set off security alarms. Our CCTV camera systems come with apps you install on your phone or off-site computer. When the alarm goes off a quick check on the app, and you can see if it is a possum or an unwanted two-legged visitor. Furthermore, if the alarm is accidental, no need to have security visit or for you to race down in your PJ’s.

(4) Improve Visibility and Save Time

You may own a factory with lots of nooks and crannies. Additionally, you may have big pieces of machinery that block views of specific areas. You may also own or be responsible for a car yard, farm, council yard, quarry or block of units. Which means you cannot naturally see all your property.
At home, you may want to see who’s knocking on your front door or what triggered the security light.

In all these situations CCTV Cameras give you easy visual access to precisely what you want to see.

Example: We have a client who had little control of the factory unless they were on the floor themselves. With the CCTV camera system installed, the client could view all areas of the factory from his office. He used to waste time running around the factory trying to find staff. Now he saves time thanks to the CCTV camera system.

To summarise, having time was a bonus that the client didn’t think of before our installation.

(5) Reduce Insurance Premiums

If things get stolen, you now have video footage to prove who did it and what they took. Thus, having CCTV camera footage is also great for civil liability. Take, for example, a shopping centre. Someone slips and hurt their ankle. Then a friend suggests to them they should sue the shopping centre. Next lawyers get involved. It then turns into he said she said situation and costly court experience. With CCTV camera footage, you have actual evidence of what happened. Which means your insurance premiums are lower, even when it comes to dui conviction consequences. However, we always advise our clients to check with the insurance companies before installation to be sure.

But this is not just for shopping centres. Additionally, it also applies to the factory floor or in a business showroom or shop. Staff or customers may get hurt. With CCTV camera footage, you can see what happened—again saving you time and money with insurance and court costs.

CCTV Camera System Storage Capacity

A common question is how much storage can I have or how long can we record? For one client (Rydges Hotel), their company policy required 90 days of footage, which is enormous. So, we installed 160 terabytes of storage to meet their need.

Typically, for general insurance purposes, they only require 30 days of footage. So, it is up to you how much storage you want.

If you need to access the CCTV camera footage, you can break the footage into months, weeks, days, hours and minutes. Which means you can find the frames you are looking for quickly. This feature saves you a ton of time.
So, you’ve decided you need a CCTV camera system installed. But where do you start?

Most people have no idea of the type of system, software or cameras needed. All they know is they have an issue, like theft. That’s where we come in. We’ll give you options on the CCTV camera system that best suits your problem and budget.

Here’s the CCTV process we use at Voltec Services.

(1) Site Visit

Firstly, we come to your business or home and ask questions.
You need to explain the problems you are having.
Secondly, we need to walk your property and view options.
Finally, we’ll offer suggestions and alternatives. 

(2) Mock-up Stage

We do a mock-up map of the CCTV camera locations.
You’ll be able to see the areas recorded on this map.
Once you see the mock-up, you’ll have a better understanding of the system and coverage you’ll be getting.

Range of CCTV Cameras
We have an extensive range of CCTV camera systems. These range from home packages to complete custom systems. So, no matter what the situation, we have a CCTV camera system that is perfect for your problem and budget.

We can even set up a test camera and show you how it works in your factory, office or home. Seeing is believing.

(3) Quote Stage

We are flexible at this stage. For example, one of our clients had a factory that had some challenging cabling runs. We had to work around machinery, equipment and storage. Finally, we were able to provide a proposal that didn’t impede production or daily operations. Plus, we planned for the future. If needed down the track, the client could add to his system with minimal cost.

(4) Installation

We know time is of importance to you so we’ll give you a job time frame and do all we can to deliver and install before that date. For example, one client needed 19 cameras installed within two weeks. He was over the moon happy when we and everything installed and running smoothly before the two weeks deadline.

Above all, our systems have an easy to use web app and a phone app so you can check on footage quickly from any location.

(5) Servicing

Initially, there may be some checks and balances. These checks and balances come included in system setup investment. Ongoing, we offer unlimited phone support. Plus, we provide a 24-hr 7-days a week 365-days a year call-out service.

Services You Can Add to Your CCTV Camera System

Public Address Systems

In a large factory or a business with a large area, an excellent add on is a public address system.

We installed a public address system with a recent CCTV Camera installation. The problem before the install was, they had to walk the factory to find staff. The solution of a one-button public address system saved them a ton of time. Saving time chasing staff, helped improve their productivity. And better productivity means more profit.

Retina Scanners

One client we worked with had problems with staff putting in excessive hours on their time sheets. The industry had lots of food product on their hands, making a fingerprinting check-in useless. So, we introduced a Retina Scanner. As a result, with accurate time sheets, their payroll reduced considerably.

Security Systems

We can install security systems with your CCTV Camera System or add on at a later date.

The advantage of having a CCTV system linked to your security system means you save on unnecessary callouts. The security monitoring company can log in and see if it is necessary to send a patrol out. Again, this saves you money.

These days CCTV camera systems are essential and affordable for home and work.

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