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Can Fitting LED Lights Improve Sales?

There is a lot of things to consider when setting up or revamping a retail outlet, such as the best ways to display products, general store layout, etc. But have you ever thought about lighting design? An increasing number of retailers are favouring LED lighting to increase their sales performance. By fitting quality LED lights, it can create an environment that makes shoppers feel welcome and caters to their needs and expectations. In many cases, lighting may be an afterthought for retailers. However, if done correctly, retail lighting can provide much more than simple ambiance. It can also greatly impact your sales and the customers experience.

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Fitting LED Lights can Impact Consumer Behaviour

Lighting has a direct influence on our mood. Approximately 80% of the sensory information that the brain receives comes from our eyes. The use of quality lighting in retail stores must be considered at each stage of a customer’s journey. It impacts how we feel, what we think of a product, and ultimately the choice of whether to purchase or not. A recent study from Lux suggests that in-store lighting can actually help guide customers through your store, and increase the average spend per customer. Gerry Weber, a German fashion retailer, saw their sales increase by 12% after installing a new lighting scheme, specifically designed to appeal to the personality profile of their target customers.

Types of Lighting to Consider before Fitting LED Lights

Here are four main types of lighting retail stores should consider:

  • Ambient lighting in retail design is the store’s main lighting. You need to ensure that your customers have enough general lighting to feel comfortable. This type of lighting is generally ceiling or wall-mounted, which helps the customer to better inspect, examine and evaluate your products. If store lighting is too dark or dim, customers have more difficulty shopping your products.
  • Task lighting is a more focused technique in retail, that concentrate on areas that require more light (e.g. changerooms and checkouts). Task lighting is also used at entrance areas and near signage to ensure they stand out to your customers.
  • Accent lighting is used to emphasise a certain display or area within a store, to draw customer attention to specific products. It is also very effective in window displays since they visually emphasise your products and help bring people into your store.
  • Decorative lighting is all about visual appeal and much less focused on illumination. Light fixtures play a huge role in this lighting as it needs to be captivating and decorative.

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Advantages of Fitting LED Lights in Retail Outlets

LEDs are considered one of the best lighting solutions for retail as they offer many benefits. Most importantly, people crave physical experiences, despite living in a digital world. Part of this experience starts with visibility, and that’s how retail LED lighting comes into play.

Fitting Downlights & Backlighting Encourages Customers to Spend More Time in Store

By strategically fitting downlights and backlighting, it can boost sales as it draws customers to different areas of the store that they would otherwise overlook. Not only does fitting quality downlights provide a wide ambient light, but they can also be used as a powerful, focused beam, making them perfect for accents. With the right lighting, your entire store will be properly illuminated, and dark spots will be eliminated. This will encourage customers to explore the whole space. Similarly, fitting light bars or LED strip lights on your shelves will draw attention to products and guide customers to different areas of the store. It is important to remember that brightness levels should vary to better emphasise certain products.

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Create an Experience with Specialist Dimmer LED Installation

One of the best things about LED lighting is that the lighting mood can be controlled with a light dimmer. Installing a specialist light dimmer can be useful for those niche stores that require low lighting as part of their décor. When pairing LEDs and dimmers, store owners have various lighting output options. This means they will have complete control over the look and feel of the store interior. Furthermore, LEDs enhance the design and aesthetic effects of the retail space, making it a memorable experience for the customer. 

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Fitting LED lights with Specific Colour Temperatures

Another advantage of LED lighting is that they’re available in a wide range of colour temperatures. Fitting LED lights with different colour temperatures is important when creating the desired look and feel. Most retailers tend to use cool colour temperatures to create a spacious, crisp and clean look and feel. However, depending on the retailer’s needs, warm colour temperatures create smallness and familiarity.

There are many ways that switching to LED lighting can boost your sales, which include drawing more customers into your store, creating the right buyer mood, guiding customers through the space and showcasing the intended products. If you need advice on fitting LED lights, downlights, or wiring up light bars, contact us today.