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CCTV Surveillance for Specialised Industries and Requirements

Having reliable CCTV is a necessity in all industries where safety and security is a constant concern. The ability to monitor and control activities, applications and processes plays an important role in providing a safe work environment. However, when it comes to CCTV systems and installation, every client has different needs and requirements to be met. At Voltec Services, our team have installed security camera systems across many workplaces over the years, meaning we know what type of cameras your property will require to fully protect it. We offer installation and maintenance services on a vast range of specialised security camera systems to suit the needs of any industry. No matter what your CCTV needs are, we can make it happen.

Looking for a qualified electrician in Townsville who can install a CCTV wireless system, CCTV home security camera, or a more specialised system suited to your industry? Voltec Services can provide a free quote! Contact us today.

CCTV for different Industries and requirements

Our experienced team has installed complex systems at many types of businesses over the years. We’re confident that no matter your industry, we can help you out with superior CCTV systems and a professional installation team. We can assist with security cameras for a variety of industry types and requirements such as:

Hazardous areas

In certain industries, the need for a reliable surveillance and security system is made all the more important by extreme and challenging conditions, hazardous atmospheres and a potentially fatal risk of fires and explosions. At Voltec Services, we have electrical hazardous area qualifications and experience for explosive atmospheres, in addition to having specialised cameras available for these types of applications if required.

Industrial CCTV surveillance

Robust and durable CCTV systems are required for all industrial sites due to the challenging environment of operations. It’s important that the systems can resist impact from debris, fragments as well as vibrations and any other environmental factors to maximise durability and effectiveness.

Marine CCTV

The marine industry presents unique challenges for CCTV installations with extreme weather conditions, constant movement from marina jetties, water on all sides, and access issues that most electricians would not be willing to address. We ensure all CCTV equipment and accessories are specifically designed to be installed in highly corrosive environments typical of the Marine sector. Furthermore, our team has the patience to listen, and the ability to research and provide a solution that matches the application precisely.

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Multisite & multi building CCTV surveillance systems

Security systems can become significantly more complex when you have to deal with either multi-buildings or multi-sites, so it’s important you speak with a professional about your requirements. When planning a multisite or multi-building surveillance system, you need the right team to support you to ensure all your needs and requirements are met. From correct camera selection to camera placement, to networking infrastructure and power requirements, Voltec Services can provide solutions for all complex CCTV systems. Furthermore, we have the capabilities to use video management systems that can do multi-type facilities with automatic failover redundancy for recordings. CCTV redundancy minimises data loss and down-time in the event of failure proportional to the critical nature of the site it protects. At Voltec Services, we understand the need for comprehensive security systems for multi-site applications and can offer advice and solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Sites with no power or NBN connection

Do you require a quality camera system but don’t have power supply or NBN connection at your site? Solar CCTV systems are cameras that that don’t require power connection and can instead run off solar and battery. Generally, people who don’t have a power supply on site usually don’t have an NBN connection either. This means that the cameras would need to run off a mobile network. While these special requirements may appear challenging, it isn’t impossible with careful planning.

Whether you need a CCTV wireless system, CCTV home security cameras or something more specialised for your industry, our team can help!

CCTV surveillance jobs we have done

Tugboat & motorboat CCTV system

Our team have put together a CCTV system for a tugboat and motorboat vessel that was highly sealed from the weather. Due to the elements and conditions that the marine industry is faced with, we ensured all cameras were waterproof and housed in a stainless steel covering to protect the system as much as possible. The recorders used on these boats have solid state hard drives that can withstand rough handling and maintain the recordings.

Local quarry CCTV surveillance

We have completed jobs at a local quarry where we’ve set up solar cameras with lithium batteries. Due to not having a power or communications source within close reach, our team installed a system that has a point-to-point radio link for full resolution and ultimate effectiveness.

CCTV wireless speed camera sign

Voltec Services also has experience with speed camera installations. Our team installed a speed camera sign and display that was then connected with an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system back to the recorder to notify staff if a particular vehicle has exceeded the speed limit on their entry road.

Want to learn more about our specialist installations and how we’ve have helped our clients? Or maybe you’re looking for a CCTV home security camera system? Contact us today.

Why Voltec Services? – CCTV surveillance specialists

At Voltec Services, we provide a personalised approach to security camera installation with advice tailored to your specialised requirements and layout. Our experienced team of electricians provide expert advice for your business during the planning and CCTV installation phase to ensure you get the best security out of each and every camera in your CCTV system. If you’re wanting qualified CCTV electricians that listen to your requirements and match your expectations, Voltec Services is the team for you.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach; we work with you to customise your CCTV solutions to suit your specific industry and needs. We’ve got the knowledge and strong supplier relationships where anything is possible. Find out what we can do for you and contact us today.