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Chinese Owned CCTV Brands - Are they safe to use in Australia?

Is a Chinese Owned CCTV system secure for use in Australia?

The use of a CCTV system has gained immense popularity in recent years and businesses are looking to reputable Chinese brands like Hikvision and Dahua for solutions, despite the recent negative media surrounding security concerns. Concerns regarding the security and safety of CCTV have been around for years so this topic is not new. In March 2021, Australian authorities took a precautionary measure by removing Hikvision and Dahua CCTV equipment from Commonwealth Government buildings. Although no evidence suggests the Chinese government is using this technology for espionage purposes, it's wise to recognize potential risks when installing security systems. As such, while these brands are still legally permissible in Australia – households or businesses should always employ heightened caution in regard to CCTV installation, no matter what brand you choose.

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Who has the best CCTV and quality control standards?

The first concern when it comes to using Chinese-made equipment is quality control standards. In November 2022 the FCC (an American Organisation) banned sales by Hikvision, and several countries followed their lead. Fortunately, there are several international organisations that maintain high standards of quality control for manufactured goods coming out of China, including the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These organisations ensure that all electronics produced within their jurisdiction meet certain safety and performance criteria before they can be used in other countries such as Australia.

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Who should complete my CCTV installation?

If you’re unsure of the security and privacy implications that come with having Chinese-manufactured surveillance hardware installed in your home or business, there are additional measures to take for added protection

  • Establishing passwords on both the cameras and recorder adds an extra layer of defence against any potential hackers who may target your CCTV system using standard default credentials.
  • Ensure optimal safety by upgrading devices frequently to access new firmware releases which could contain critical corrective patches from vulnerabilities identified at a later date.
  • For added security, always purchase your camera system hardware from a reputable supplier and have it installed by an insured professional.

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Support & Maintenance Services on your camera system

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a Chinese-made CCTV system is whether or not they come with any support or maintenance services. It’s critical that you make sure you have access to quality customer service should anything go wrong with the product after purchase—especially if it was sourced overseas! Many reputable vendors offer post-purchase support services so be sure to ask about these before making any final decisions about which product you want to buy for your business’s security needs.

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The Pros of Installing a Chinese-Made CCTV System

One of the primary benefits of installing a CCTV system made by Dahua or Hikvision is that these companies are well established and offer quality products. Their security systems have been on the market for many years, and they provide reliable protection for businesses. Additionally, their cameras often come with features such as real-time streaming, facial recognition technology, and advanced analytics to help identify potential threats before they become an issue. Plus, a camera system from them is usually much more affordable than other security options on the market.

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The Cons of Installing a Chinese-Made CCTV System

There are also some drawbacks to using a Chinese-made CCTV system in Australia. For starters, these systems may not be fully compliant with Australian laws and regulations regarding data collection and storage requirements. Additionally, there is always the risk that sensitive data could be accessed by unauthorised individuals due to inadequate security protocols put in place. Lastly, since these products are manufactured overseas there may not be any local support available should something go wrong with your system down the road, that is why it’s important to purchase them from a registered supplier and installer, and have regular maintenance completed by a trained professional.

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What is the best CCTV for me?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to install a Chinese-made CCTV system from Dahua or Hikvision in Australia it’s important to weigh both the pros and cons of doing so carefully before making any final decisions about what’s right for your business’s needs. While these systems can provide quality protection at an affordable price point, there are also potential risks involved when using them which must be considered carefully before proceeding with the CCTV installation. Ultimately, each business owner must decide for themselves if this type of system is right for them taking into account their own unique set of circumstances.

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Deciding on a brand for your CCTV system

In conclusion, while there are some risks associated with purchasing CCTV cameras manufactured in China, there are also several benefits that make them attractive options for businesses looking for reliable security solutions at an affordable price point. Provided that you take steps to ensure quality control standards are met and your data remains protected, purchasing Chinese-made CCTV cameras can be a viable solution for businesses operating in Australia looking to increase security without breaking the bank. Additionally, make sure you inquire about post-purchase support services before making any final decisions about which product is right for your business's specific needs!

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