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CrossFit Townsville’s AV Installation

Listening to your “jam” can psyche you up to go that extra mile in the gym. Having a good audio system is paramount for providing the space with quality background music that can drive success for members. Not only does it create an appealing atmosphere the moment customers enter the premises, but it also ensures they’re more likely to return, and helps members achieve their physical goals while at the gym. Not many people can imagine exercising without some kind of music; whether it’s to entertain or motivate them, it’s an essential component of any gym. Therefore, getting the audio system layout and specifications correct is an important step of any audio-visual project.

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How did the audio-visual project come together?

September this year, our team completed an exciting audio system install at CrossFit Townsville. When the gym owners, Dan and Aimee, approached Voltec Services for an audio-visual quote, they weren’t entirely sure what audio system they wanted. They did, however, know that their existing audio system was not user-friendly, nor did it meet the requirements of their venue. CrossFit were originally using portable speakers on a stand with one microphone attached, as their main sound system. Dan and Aimee found their existing speakers to be inconsistent and not the correct source of sound for the large space that they have. Not only does good sound set the tone for the session, but it also wasn’t creating the right atmosphere and enjoyment for their members.

A gym sound system must be versatile! Our team ensured that lots of questions were asked about how they wanted the sound system to work. Having these conversations gave us a good idea about what they wanted, and we could then create a plan they helped bring their conceptual idea to life. As with all our technical jobs, we always ensure that our team explains the project in layman’s terms, as well as providing a written and visual plan so the client clearly understands the process.

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What was involved in the project? – Townsville Audio-Visual Specialists

There were three different zones in the venue – two areas within one large room and one other zone. Each area has a rack inside a wall-mounted box that houses the amplifier and microphone receivers. The boxes can have a local input for music where a phone or tablet can be plugged in. This allows the operator to control the sound in each zone. The microphone and receiver in each box can also be controlled locally, giving the user free rein to talk to one zone or all three at the same time. Having the capability of talking to multiple areas at a time was an important function for the client as they often hold large competitions at their venue.

The audio-visual project took four team members to install and was completed within one week. Once the system was up and running, we supplied the CrossFit staff with a set of laminated instructions for each wall-mounted box, along with training on how to utilise the different functions. Having those extra measures in place allowed the client to gain an understanding of what capabilities the system has and will help save them a lot of time as they have a thorough set of instructions to follow if they ever get stuck. Of course, our friendly team at Voltec Services are only a phone call away if they require some additional help.

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Challenges we faced as an audio-visual company

The biggest challenge we faced was the at the beginning when we were in the consulting phase. Since it was a big project that required a lot of capabilities, we needed to ensure that we asked all the right questions and understood exactly what they wanted. Once we had a thorough plan put in place, we were able to produce a written and visual proposal. This allowed the client to wrap their head around the scope of the project and what needed to happen to achieve the desired results. There was also a challenge ensuring all equipment had correct capabilities required to collaborate and perform the job effectively once installed.

Advice for businesses looking at getting AV work done

Our advice for any business who has an audio-visual project in mind, is to have a clear understanding of what exactly they want before approaching an audio-visual company. Additionally, a written scope that details any issues you’re currently having or would like the system to do is extremely beneficial. When our audio-visual technicians have this information, it allows us to gain a good indication of what will work best for your venue. We can then provide clear recommendations based off your preferences and needs. This will be crucial if you plan to get quotes from three different audio-visual companies before making your decision, as the results and outcomes will be much clearer and more equal.

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What did we love most about the project?

Our team loved to see the instant enjoyment and smiles on Dan and Aimee’s faces once the project was complete. It was a massive improvement to the venue, and they were so happy with the results and how they can now run the space. They have received some amazing feedback from their members as well as the gym sounds better, feels better, and works better.

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Why Choose Voltec Services as your audio-visual company?

One part that some companies often have trouble with is microphone set-up. Our audio-visual technicians have a high level of experience with microphones, and we can help you get to the bottom any issue you may have with an existing system. Furthermore, we can also improve the way it is set up for better performance.

At Voltec Services, we have been helping local Townsville businesses for over 7 years, providing high quality commercial electrician and audio-visual services. If your venue needs an improved audio-visual system installed, contact us today for a free quote!