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Importance of Colour Rendering Index & High CRI Light Bulbs

What is CRI Lighting?

Colour Rendering Index, also known as CRI, is the most commonly provided metric for colour rendering. It is a measure that shows how well a light source makes the colour of an object appear to the human eye and how realistically or naturally the light source makes different shades look. The higher the CRI rating, the closer light it produces is to natural sunlight. Essentially, CRI is the measure of quality of light.

Colour rendering index is probably one of the most crucial of aspects of lighting to be looked at when installing new light fittings. While colour rendering is an important factor, very few customers actually know what it means and why it should be considered.

How is CRI Lighting Measured?

CRI lighting is measured on a numerical scale from 0 to 100, where 100 represents the maximum value with the highest colour rendering ability. Natural outdoor light has a CRI of 100 and is used as the standard of comparison for any other light source. Lights with a CRI that is measured greater than 80 are considered to be more than acceptable for most purposes. However, lights with a CRI that is measured greater than 90 are generally considered as “High CRI” lights.

CRI lighting comparison

Why is CRI Lighting important?

High CRI lighting is particularly important for photography, retail display and grocery lighting, where accurate colour representation is key. It is also equally valuable for residential use, as it can transform a room by highlighting design details and creating a comfortable, natural overall feel.

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Factors to Consider when choosing LED Light fittings

CRI LEDs are ideal in locations where savings in energy consumption are desired, yet quality of light must be maintained. LED lights provide a strong level of brightness without that artificial appearance fluorescent lighting has. Because they have a high CRI, LEDs can provide a brighter look without straining your eyes. It's best to choose CRI lighting that will make your surroundings clear, bright, and as close to how they would appear in an outdoor, natural setting.

LEDs have grown in popularity recently, mainly due to their energy-efficient qualities and bright light production. When it comes to your electricity bill, did you know that 10% of the average household budget goes towards lighting? This is why many households are switching to LEDs, as they're much more energy efficient. In fact, they use 75% less energy than halogen bulbs, plus they last up to 10 times longer. In terms of CRI for LED, most light types produce a score of about 80 to 90 on the chart. The result is a brighter space, but with a much more natural, accurate output of light.

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Benefits of High CRI Lighting in Different Settings

When you choose the right lighting for your home, retail space or workplace, there are many things to consider. Checking the CRI scale can also help to ensure that your environment is brighter, clearer, and filled with perfect colour. LED lighting is certainly a smart choice, and today's LEDs are more affordable than ever before. There are also increasing numbers of lighting manufacturers who have moved toward LED-style fixtures, which means you'll get to reap the benefits of a better colour rendering index chart rating.

Workplace & Commercial Lighting

Implementing the ideal lighting design for a commercial space is more important than it may seem at first. Lighting can affect the atmosphere of the workplace, as well as the motivation and physical comfort of the employees. The higher the number, the better the colour rendering ability will become. When choosing commercial lighting, a CRI value of 80 – 100 is recommended, to ensure the space is presented in a more natural way.

Art Gallery and Artwork Display Lighting

Lighting is one of the most critical components when displaying artwork since it can have a dramatic impact on the appearance. It is also important to ensure you choose the correct installation for the type of artwork you are displaying. High CRI lighting makes all the difference; without this it is difficult to be sure that the colours in the artwork are accurately represented.

Residential Lighting

When it comes to choosing the right CRI lighting for your home, CRI for lighting plays a role. You want colours to be crisp and everything to look sharp so that your décor, paint colours and furniture look the best they can. Choose lighting that has a higher CRI rating so you can be sure you're getting the most accurate colour portrayal in your home.

Retail & Restaurant Lighting

In retail or restaurant settings, high CRI lights can attract more people than low CRI lights because of the best colour render that boosts the products and ambience of the area. Retailing merchandise is more than putting items on a shelf and hoping they sell. Ensuring products catch the customers eye is highly important for non-essential purchases. High CRI lighting is one way to help products look appealing.

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Why Choose Voltec Services for Your Next Lighting Project?

High CRI lighting can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your home, commercial or retail space. We have a team of professionals with vast experience in offering LED lighting in Townsville. Our lighting specialists can take care of all jobs; big and small, from expert advice, installation, and repairs, we do it all. We can provide our clients with lighting system designs to help them visualise the finished product and ensure customer satisfaction. The designs include layout, product selection and lux levels at any given spot in an area. This also ensures we meet the Building Code of Australian design requirements which is often overlooked. At Voltec Services, we value our customers and that is demonstrated by the quality of service we offer to our clients. For more information about residential and commercial lighting, contact us today.