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Top Quality Conference AV with Logitech Conferencing Equipment

Achieve top quality conference av quality with professional audio-visual solutions like Logitech conferencing equipment

High-quality conference av is changing the way we communicate, and the ability to adjust and adapt business operations is paramount in the business world today. More and more businesses are transitioning to a hybrid workforce in some form or other. Working from home or on the move is now very common, if not essential for a lot of staff. Ensuring clear, concise, and effective communication ad hoc, ensures your business is represented with the most professional outlook.

Logitech conferencing equipment is leading the field with the most innovative and adaptable solutions for anyone with videoconferencing needs. They provide solutions from the smallest of home offices, boardroom av for any size (tiny-massive), and audio-visual solutions for an office, small or large. Ensuring that your business has top quality conference av equipment is a necessary addition to your usual boardroom av and as a supplier of Logitech conferencing equipment, Voltec Services is ready to help you get started. We can provide expert advice on all Logitech conferencing equipment and audio-visual solutions to ensure your videoconferencing helps you stand apart from the rest.

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Logitech conferencing equipment – make your conference av easy

Logitech conferencing equipment has been created with ease of use and flexibility at the forefront of its design. No matter what method of videoconferencing you use, you will find a flexible, fast, and professional solution that can grow and change alongside your business. There is a variety of audio-visual equipment that has been created by Logitech to work with multiple programs, platforms, and software. The most popular ones include

  • Microsoft Teams – Logitech and Microsoft work together to foster inclusive meeting experiences for people and teams, no matter their location. Their ecosystem of software, services, and Microsoft Teams Rooms-certified hardware are easy to deploy at scale, simple to use and manage, and seamlessly connect hybrid workplaces for everyone. There are Microsoft Teams options for both Windows & Android based users with solutions for anything from a home office to a thinktank, training space or large boardroom av.
  • Google Meet - Logitech and Google Meet make collaboration equity possible, giving every worker the right tools to work from anywhere, maximise their impact, share knowledge, and fully participate. Pick from preconfigured solutions for small, medium, or large rooms to help drive effective collaboration. Each room solution includes a Logitech conference camera, a Google Meet compute system, and a Logitech Tap touch controller. You can even control the room hands free with Google Assistant, by saying, “Hey Google”.
  • Pexip - With One-Touch Join, people can safely and easily attend Pexip meetings from a Pexip Room, on the Pexip app, or through a web browser. Pexip’s privacy-first approach to software design combines seamlessly with the Logitech Rally family of devices to meet the most demanding requirements for private, high-quality video conferencing. Logitech and Pexip complete room solutions fit any space, from huddle rooms to boardrooms.
  • GOTO - Turn any meeting room into a modern, collaborative workspace with state-of-the-art video collaboration. Logitech’s hardware and GoToRoom software are tightly integrated and ready to go. Simple to set up and easy to use, this out-of-the-box solution makes video meetings frictionless from the start.
  • Ring Central - Get more done before, during, and after meetings with RingCentral®’s video conferencing, built-in team messaging, and seamless file-sharing. Tightly integrated with Logitech video conferencing hardware, RingCentral provides an all-in-one solution for business communications and collaboration. It’s everything you need to work together. Logitech and RingCentral complete room solutions fit any space, from huddle rooms to boardrooms. Each include Logitech conference cameras, integrated speakers and mics, and optional mics if needed to equip your spaces. Room solutions come with fully integrated RingCentral Rooms video conferencing software.

Logitech SWYTCH is a terrific solution for businesses that use multiple different videoconferencing platforms and conference av. With an innovative design that maximises compatibility and incorporates DisplayLink® Plug-and-Display technology, Logitech SWYTCH offers a one-cable laptop link to a room’s conference av (camera and display), making it easy for your teams to meet, present, and stream over any audio visual service.

And then there is LOGITECH SYNC - Videoconferencing device management software to support hybrid workforces. Sync helps everyone stay connected by letting you ensure their Logitech video conferencing equipment is healthy and up to date. It also allows you to quickly configure features in meeting rooms to best suit your organisation’s needs. With this software you can configure and update the devices, diagnose issues from a distance and automate with alerts. With SYNC plus you can also use analytics on room usage, occupancy, and more to gain a deeper understanding of how your organisation meets and to make better use of meeting spaces and real estate. Thus, allowing for future efficiency and growth opportunities for your Logitech conferencing equipment.

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Logitech’s professional sound quality – audio visual solutions for modern office videoconferencing

In this digital age, an excellent audio experience is not a luxury – it is a necessity. For those who spend long hours listening to compressed and streamed sound, it is understandable that clear, seamless audio is the only thing that can prevent meeting fatigue.

To ensure the flow and professional setting of your meeting is maintained it is vital that your audio quality is excellent and properly calibrated. Interruptions, freezing or delayed audio can all negatively impact the productivity and professionalism of your videoconferencing with clients or staff. Logitech conferencing equipment comes with Logi Tune to ensure minimal disruption and easy management of all your audio-visual equipment. With Logi Tune your webcam and headset settings are all at your fingertips to ensure you look and sound the way you want to during your videoconferencing. Plus, joining video meetings is easier than ever with calendar and Logi Dock integration.

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High quality boardroom av – look your best!

Logitech has designed their boardroom av to provide seamless high-quality visuals as well as superb audio to enhance the online meeting experience. Effective communication relies heavily on nonverbal cues, like facial expressions and body language. In addition to facilitating more effective communication, high quality conference av displays the nonverbal cues of the speaker and can prevent the kind of misunderstanding that can lead to conflict. Preserving these important nonverbal cues is crucial and the Logitech Rally Bar can do so with lifelike visual fidelity.

An innovative dual-camera system with optical zoom and an AI Viewfinder delivers fluid, cinematic video in medium and large rooms. It also has AI Sound Optimization which will auto-level loud and soft voices – while suppressing unwanted noise – with AI-based RightSound technology that improves the more you use it. The Rally Bar also has Adaptive Beamforming that will focus on the active talker with high-precision beamforming mics to ensure an optimum audio-visual experience. There are many audio visual options available with Logitech conferencing equipment to suit any business requirements, small or large.

At Voltec Services we can help you create an easy to use, flexible and professional videoconferencing system that will grow with your business.

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