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Hire Audio-Visual Specialists to Install Origin In-Ceiling Speakers

Investing in a new home theatre system can enhance your life at home. You’re investing in the perfect home entertainment space for you, your family, and friends. When designing and installing a dedicated home theatre, sound systems and acoustics should be one of the first things you consider. Sound is an important part of having the best possible viewing experience. So, you may be thinking, where should I start? Keep reading to learn more.

Why choose Origin Acoustics 10” In-ceiling speakers? – Audio Visual Townsville

The Origin Acoustics 10″ in-ceiling speakers have many benefits. The brand itself is renowned for their high-quality line of speakers, providing the ultimate experience for both residential and commercial spaces. From large retail stores, hotels and casinos to residential surround sound and home theatres – the Origin Acoustics 10” speakers are one of the best speakers on the market. Generally, smaller speakers like the 6.5” or 8” models are the recommended size for home theatres. However, choosing the 10” model typically requires less speakers to ensure an even spread. Some additional benefits include:

Same cut-out size as 8” model sound system

The Origin Acoustics 10″ in-ceiling loudspeakers have the smallest cut-out of any 10″ speaker on the market. In fact, it’s the same size as the original 8″ in-ceiling cut-outs. The 10” speaker also gives you the high-performance advantages of a larger driver without the significant increase in ceiling footprint. Furthermore, the 10” speaker cone has almost 60% more cone area than the 8”. This enables the 10” driver to energise a room more easily than an 8” driver can.

A killer surround sound system requires good sounding speakers, in the right quantity, and placed in the right locations. Do you want a free quote for a home theatre installation? Contact us today.

Surround Sound with Better Bass

The speaker cone or speaker diaphragm is the main active area of the loudspeaker. When activated by the coil, it pushes the air backwards and forwards to create the sound waves. The speaker cone design is critical to the performance of the overall loudspeaker and has requirements that are difficult to meet to obtain the optimum performance. This was considered in the design process of the Origin Acoustics 10” speaker as larger drivers were used. Larger drivers are more efficient than smaller drivers, which means it will:

  • Play louder for a given amplifier size
  • Sound effortless at all volume levels
  • Dig deeper in the bass response

With a professional touch, you can turn your home into the ultimate entertainment hot spot. Contact Voltec Services today to get your home theatre or audio-visual project started.

Origin Acoustics Speaker

Why Choose Voltec Services as your Audio-Visual Specialists?

In-ceiling speakers make a great addition to a home theatre, particularly if you’re looking for a more immersive sound experience. The Voltec Services team have been installing quality home theatres and audio-visual projects for many years. We are the leading NQ audio-visual specialists in Townsville, with a wealth of knowledge regarding the best products and theatre design. Want to learn more about our home theatre installations? Contact us, your NQ audio visual specialists in Townsville for a free quote.