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CCTV installation - reducing insurance premiums for Strata Properties

Home and strata property insurance premiums are currently on the rise, with some policies seeing an increase of 15-30% (even with no outstanding defects or claims) so minimising the risk profile of your property is imperative. One of the biggest ways you can do this is to increase the safety aspects of your property. CCTV cameras are very effective in deterring crime and can provide quality evidence for police and insurers in cases of accident, theft and damage. A good quality CCTV installation can provide years of comfort and security for the residents. It can also reduce the risk profile of properties, and therefore reduce insurance premiums. Our clients have found that the cost of the system quickly pays for itself with the reduction in insurance costs. One client has said:

“Thank you to Ryan and his team at Voltec for installing the CCTV security system at Highpoint Apartments. Your professionalism and knowledge of surveillance systems shared with us was amazing. The time and effort you gave in preparing the quote and willingness to work with the committee members to install an effective, efficient system to meet the needs of the complex was greatly appreciated.” - Cheryl Phillips


At Voltec Services we specialise in CCTV installation and digital CCTV systems. Our licensed and experienced CCTV installation technicians will assess your property and design a CCTV security system specifically for your property.

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Benefits of a CCTV security system

A CCTV security system is a great way to improve home safety and secure a building against burglary or theft. Not only can CCTV cameras provide a visual deterrent for criminals on the property, but digital CCTV systems can improve the security of the whole neighbourhood. By reducing the likelihood of theft in a larger area it can reduce the overall theft claim quota, and the insurer is likely to pass these savings on in the form of reduced costs. When it comes to determining a premium, insurers look at the risk profile of the neighbourhood and that of the property. The lower the risk is that you will make a claim, the lower the premiums are likely to be.

Strata properties can have many high-risk areas that are considered when insurance coverage and premiums are determined. Reducing the risk levels of each area can make a significant change to the cost of insurance premiums as well as increasing the safety and security of the strata property and its residents. High-risk areas can vary greatly from property to property, however there are a lot of common ones as well. A good place to start looking are any specific places that an accident or issue has occurred before.

High-risk areas can include:

  • Stairs and stairwells
  • Entry/Exit points
  • Pools
  • Common areas
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Any commonly and frequently used areas

A CCTV installation by Voltec Services will look at all these areas and design a CCTV security system to suit. In most cases, having CCTV cameras around is a small price to pay for increased safety and a reduction in ongoing insurance costs!

Need a CCTV security system? Contact our experienced team for a free quote on your next CCTV installation!

CCTV cameras and digital CCTV systems

Digital CCTV systems have come a long way in the past 10 years with improvements in technology. With this constant changing of tech and software it can be tricky to know which CCTV security system is right for which property – that’s where we can help. At Voltec Services we can provide a range of security products from just a few CCTV cameras, through to full digital CCTV systems. Our CCTV security systems are designed and selected to meet every requirement of your property and are of the highest quality. We offer CCTV security systems and equipment for government, defence, schools, gyms, mining & quarries, and farming & rural. Additionally, we also serve manufacturing, heavy industry, transport depots, retail, hospitality, apartments, body corporate, strata properties and residential.

CCTV installation is what we do best – Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote!