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School Hall Audio Control – Headend Upgrade

Just wanted to show you a great result we have achieved for one of our clients. The Southern Cross Catholic College who we have done some audio visual works for previously had a problem recently where the Biamp Tesira headend had a meltdown. This was caused by a significant power surge. We were investigating the best approach to the replacement of the Biamp Tesira DSP – Digital Signal Processor. We found that the best option to avoid a significant programming and upfront equipment cost would be to install a Soundcraft Ui24R mixing console. The beauty of these consoles is their simplicity. They have plenty of functionality straight out of the box to run a significant production as a portable arrangement or in this case a control for the school hall.

The Soundcraft Ui24R can output its own wifi signal so tablet control is easy to set up and operate. No actual internet signal is needed to make it work. The user interface for the tablet has loads of presets in there for various sound installations and productions. For this situation all we have needed to set up some user access levels so that students and novices alike can control the system without having access to change tuning settings of the hall sound system and microphones. Quote a good result and a great example of the right product for the right application.

Simplicity works beautifully. Sometimes the outcome is simple on the surface but not so simple to deliver. Contact Voltec Services for great results in audio visual.

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