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Tips for Setting Up Small Conferencing Systems

In today’s fast paced business environment, easy access to key information and seamless communication are fundamental to enabling management and teams to operate more efficiently. The ever-increasing demands on businesses to increase their output, while keeping time and travel costs down, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, is driving more organisations to invest in an effective conference AV solution.

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What Is A Conferencing System?

Conferencing systems allow you to stay connected with all the important people necessary for your continued growth, without sacrificing the personal element of conducting business face-to-face.

What Types of Conferencing Systems Are Available?

There are two main types of conferencing systems available, audio teleconferencing and video conferencing.

  1. Audio teleconferencing is a more traditional conference calling approach that uses the telephone system in order to connect multiple people to an audio call at once.
  2. Video teleconferencing combines audio and video to provide voice communications and video images. Integrated video conferencing systems are designed to accommodate a fixed meeting location such as conference room. These systems are ideal for a company that needs to hold frequent video conferences between different offices. This type of video conferencing system links multi-office companies through high quality video and audio.

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Who Needs A Conference Phone or System?

In the ever-changing world of communication, staying connected with team members, colleagues and clients is paramount. Whether you’re keeping up to speed with your staff of 5 or managing a company of 500 with colleagues around the world, we have the video conferencing, teleconferencing and AV solutions to keep you connected and your business running efficiently.

Video Conference Room Equipment Checklist

There are several technical elements that need to come together when configuring a room for virtual meetings and online video conferences. Some of these items may already exist in your boardroom, such as a monitor, camera, and microphone. In addition to this, you will also need a strong internet connection, adequate lighting and good soundproofing to shield the room from external noises. Fortunately, our professional team can assess whether your existing AV products can be utilised.

Connected TV or Displays

Conference rooms can vary in size from small rooms to large boardrooms, and it’s important to match the display to the size of the room. Our team will help you choose a video conferencing screen to ensure it is a suitable option for your room. However, the general rule of thumb is the bigger the room, the bigger the display.

Speakers, Microphones or Conference phone

Speakers and microphones are an important component of video conferencing and teleconferencing and contribute significantly to the meeting experience. A touchscreen conference phone provides a dedicated user interface for navigating your directory, controlling the camera pan, tilt and zoom options and also launching calls. Conference phones and microphones are purpose-built for video conferencing. They generally feature echo cancellation, automatic gain control and automatic noise reduction to give meeting room and conference participants crystal-clear audio.


Your conference room camera can vary from a simple web camera for small huddle rooms to more sophisticated cameras for large conference rooms. In small huddle rooms with small video displays, the camera is usually placed above the display. In addition to the camera, you also need to consider the room lighting. Poor lighting will make the video conferencing experience unpleasant even if you have high-quality cameras.

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How Can Voltec Services Help You with Your Conference AV Solutions?

Our commercial audio-visual technicians have over 15 years of experience in helping local businesses upgrade AV technology. We understand that efficient, effective and speedy communication is the backbone to any successful board room activity. We provide the technology needed to bring people together and facilitate effective communication. No matter where your attendees are or what information needs to be shared, we can put together a suitable board room audio visual setup.

At Voltec Services, we can tailor our services exclusively according to your budget. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering unique and user-friendly audio-visual systems, that will fulfil your expectations. We know that in a commercial environment, time is money. That is why we are only a quick phone call away, supporting you with your maintenance needs. Therefore, our team ensures downtime is kept to a minimum by aiming to attend as soon as possible.

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