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Why grey imports should be avoided when purchasing electronics, CCTV and audio equipment – Electrical Services Company

Buying products from overseas is something that most of us online shoppers have done at some point, if not all the time! It’s hard to deny that there can be benefits by doing so, especially if it’s a bargain price or the product isn’t available in Australia. However, when it comes to purchasing items internationally, such as electronics, CCTV goods and audio equipment, and then using it in a commercial setting, there are some absolute warnings that can’t be ignored. You may be thinking, but it’s much cheaper, right? -- Well, is it?

The downside of grey market CCTV goods and electronics  

“Grey” goods or parallel imports, are products that have been imported into a country through unofficial or unauthorised distribution channels. Grey goods are not illegal, however, because they have not been imported through official channels, if the good breaks, the official supplier will refuse to uphold the warranty. This problem is further intensified when the supplier of the grey good also refuses honour the warranty. 

Whether it’s CCTV cameras, audio equipment or other electronics, by far the most common issue to appear with grey imports is the lack of a warranty. Manufacturers will always provide a warranty for the local market, and this cannot be transferred if a product is sent to a different country. Whilst this isn’t a concern when the CCTV goods are working perfectly, if you encounter a technical problem then it can be a complicated nightmare to try and resolve it. Furthermore, it might also mean that the goods will need to be sent overseas for repairs. Not only does this mean it will be costly, the quality of repairs is questionable, and it will also take a lot longer than if it was sent within Australia.

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Why do people buy grey market products and non-genuine electrical goods?

Quite simply, for most people, the main factor is the price. A lot of markets outside of Australia are able to sell electronics and CCTV goods cheaper than you can buy them in Australia, even taking into account any extra fees or charges you may have to pay. A lot of the time, sellers will not even tell their consumers that the goods are grey imports, which can often lead to frustrated consumers when their goods break.

Do Voltec Services install grey import goods? – Qualified Electricians Townsville

Absolutely not! At Voltec Services, we acquire our products through authorised Australian distributors acting on behalf of the brands in Australia. Our reputable team of qualified electricians will never install grey imports and non-approved goods. We are committed to providing high quality, reliable and genuine CCTV, and audio equipment to our clients.

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How to avoid purchasing grey import products?

  • Considerably low prices are usually the first indicator of a parallel import

  • Avoid eBay and non-genuine suppliers

  • Ensure your imports are coming through the right channels

  • Check the returns and warranty policies

  • Ensure the product has a compliance tick

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Overall, if you buy your electronics, audio and CCTV equipment from local, genuine suppliers, they're going to be around if you have any issues with the products. Additionally, you also have protection knowing that your products are genuine, safe and have reasonable returns and warranty policies in place should something go wrong with the item.

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