Voltec Services wants your electrical installations to be as easy and stress free as possible. We provide transparent pricing so that you can clearly understand the inclusions along with a range of pricing options so you can compare features and benefits of each product.

We have tried and tested a huge range of brands in order to provide the best products on the market. With Voltec, you can be sure that our product offer both quality and value for money.

Our Electrical products include:

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With technology moving so fast, people are often unaware that the products they are using could be functioning at a higher capacity. By upgrading you can end up saving money and time! Some of the most common signs that you may be due for an upgrade include:

  • Data –Slow network speed.
    • Drop outs in signal.
    • Slow upload time.
    • Slow download time.
    • Messy cabling.
    • Older than 10 years.
    • Upgrading phone system to digital/network.
  • Electrical Equipment –Older than 10 yearsFaults occurring
    • Messy wiring
    • Additions requiring upgrade
    • Building renovations
  • CCTV –Poor recording quality
    • Not enough recording time possible for capacity of hard disk space
    • Inability to prosecute or identify from footage recorded.
  • Air conditioning –Power bills too high
    • Noisy air-conditioner
    • Poor sleep
    • Renovating and want to remove box air-conditioner




Our electrical repair work is generally confined to electrical faults in equipment and tripping circuits. We commonly find issues are created by water ingress, insects and rodents. We can assist you by assessing, repairing and in some cases replacing broken electrical items. We also do repairs on cooking and catering equipment.

Should you be interested in the installation, upgrade or alteration of electrical equipment in your home or business, call Ryan today to discuss your needs on 0438 214 425 or email

You can also rest assured that we are always on time and guarantee to call people back!