NBN Installations Part 1.

fibre cores

By now everybody this side of Ballarat knows the term NBN. I dont need to spell out what this acronym stands for. NBN is on everyone’s lips. Politicians, the press, phone companies, the business community and all the way down the line to the people. I couldn’t think of a P word for business community. Let me know if you have one…


Everyone is now talking about how they have NBN or are waiting for NBN or what form of NBN they will eventually get whether its home or business. Its a big project. (My fibre to the premises works great by the way). With such a big project there is naturally a range of topics and gripes flying around.


Now that many homes and businesses have their installations completed and connected, we are starting to see the methods that installers are using to get the job done quickly. This is obviously because the installers are wanting to cash in and get things done quick considering they are on a flat install rate whether its a five minute job or a 5 hour doozey.


There are some terrible installations around. All those things you learn as a tradesperson going through the apprenticeship seem to be going out the window when these NBN install jobs are done. Duct hanging off the wall after only a month of installation. What a joke it is. i need to be fair with this. Not all installations are poorly done. Though I hate to say it, when government funds are thrown around in great numbers there will always be hoards lining up to cash in. I don’t know who is expected to pay for rectifications. Probably the consumer unless they have a loud voice and a bunch of patience to deal with their provider.


So here is the question. Would there be a better way to handle a project like the NBN installation (talking nationwide here) than the way we have done it?  Does a project that spans more than one term of government need to be handled by another department which is free of the political football games that restrict funding?


Na forget that. You’ve probably heard enough about politics in the last 6 weeks.


Stay tuned for more posts about the NBN and how it affects your business. Let us know about your experiences with the rollout good, bad or ugly.

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