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Voltec Services is your trusted full-service commercial electrician in Townsville.
Townsville, QLD
Proudly Local

Our Team


Managing Director

Voltec Services was founded in 2015 with the vision of creating a solid contracting business which serves its clients and staff and has fun doing it. Ryan carries almost 20 years experience in the electrical and technology field - working in areas such as electrical construction, retail, food service, hospitality and industrial. Under Ryan’s leadership, Voltec Services has grown its team and project portfolio to include a variety of commercial and construction projects in North Queensland. With this growth, we still focus on giving every client and every job the attention it needs. Ryan is consistently seeking to improve Customer Experience, Technological Innovation and Team Training to provide premier electrical services in North Queensland.

Ryan loves the challenges of running a business, leading a team, developing a business, looking after client relationships, keeping fit and maintaining family and friendship ties. To do this he survives on a high performance diet of coffee and subway sandwiches.


Audio Visual / Security & Data Technician

Jerra is Voltec Services esteemed Audio & Visual Technician. Jerra’s skillset has been acquired over the years touring with Australian bands such as “The Black Arm Bank” and Magician “Marty Putz”. Jerra started working in Audio & Visual scene with a a genuine passion for sound and interest in improving existing systems. Jerra’s passion and experience in his specialised field makes for a perfect fit within the winning culture at Voltec Services. Jerra has a knack for working out electronic glitches and this has earned him the gadget guru status among geeks far and wide.



Holden is a customer service champion with a spongelike desire to learn everything he can about the trade and all facets of the works we do here at Voltec Services. Outside of work, Holden loves his four wheeled drive and camping trips with his partner and pups. You may see him getting excited buying tools and toys at places like BCF before he sets off on weekend adventures. Holden also loves skateboarding and mad beats and knows how to rip up a bowl at your nearest concrete fun park.


IT Technician / Security & Data Technician

'Its all ones and zeros' James knows his technology with his IT background and is a valuable part of the team. Now becoming a well versed in data cabling and alarm system fitouts he is approaching ninja level. An expert at getting cables into places you never thought possible. James love online gaming and regularly slays dragons merely with a mouse and keyboard. You can find him in late night raids or hitting the streets in the Voltec van.



Justyn is our electrical expert in the making. Being continuously tuned into the ultimate blend of electrician, data technician and client service liaison. Justyn is a crucial part of the team, has a laugh as loud as a cocktail party and a pleasant demeanour that wins plenty of fans with our clients. He has an alter ego as a Japanese Gran Turismo race car driver when he hits the streets late night in his WRX. Thankfully he still has a licence and the Voltec van is a bit slower.



All the way down the bottom of the list but definitely the highly valuable silent achiever of Voltec Services. You wont see her getting around in a Voltec van though in the office Rachel is a client service guru, software aficionado and carries the load of whipping the team into shape and keeping the bucks in the bank. You may hear from Rachel when organising jobs or touching base on technician tidiness. Rachel has been instrumental progressing the current state of Voltec Services and is dedicated to keeping the wheels in motion at the office. Outside work, Rachel is a supermum, nurse and masterchef. She gets her kicks form being told work harder at bootcamps. She also loves country music and obscure reality TV.