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A security licence is a legal requirement for a business or a person who engages body guards, security officers, crowd control officers, private investigators and surveillance equipment installers who offer their services at a fee.

A security surveillance systems installer is a professional who is paid to install and maintain a set of security hardware and software. The security equipment that a business must be licenced to install are; Locks, safes and vaults, CCTV equipment, Electric fences, security alarms and bullet proof materials.

These security compliance certificates can either be issued to individuals within the organisation, the corporation itself or partners of the corporation. In Australia security licence is issued by the Queensland government.

There are no special qualification requirements put by the Queensland Government for security service providers. However, there are certain staff within the security firms which must have a set of qualifications before the firm can be licensed to offer the security services.

Security sector licensing in Australia is devolved. It is regulated and effected by either state police, department of consumer affairs or the department of fair trading. At Voltec Services, we have gone through all the relevant police checks and fingerprinting in a bid to obtain the licence as legitimate security surveillance service provider. This is a Class 2 corporate licence that enables us to advise on and install security equipment.

Why is security licencing required?


Basically, the security licencing is a constitutional requirement for anyone who intends to operate a security installation business, so any organisation offering the service without a licence is operating outside the law and could be arrested and consequently prosecuted.


Benefits to customer & What could happen if a non licenced contractor is used?


Once a company is licenced to offer security service, another unhappy situation sets in: not all contractors appreciate the law. And not everyone enjoys playing by the rules. Unlicenced contractors might be a more appealing option when comparing the financial estimates. Licenced contractors will charge more because they go through a great deal to earn the credentials, pay for insurance protection and hire qualified personnel who offer quality services. A non-licenced contractor on the other hand may have no insurance protection or qualified employees for that type of work. Furthermore, how can you be sure that this firm can be trusted to know the access codes to your workplace or home if they have not completed police checks?

My advice is; don’t take chances with your security system. Save your business the unnecessary risks and stress that comes with contracting cheap and unlicenced taskforce. Hire service providers who you are certain has gone through the police checks and earned the credentials of their trade and abide by good business practices. I guarantee you will stand a good chance of seeing your security systems installation job done right the first time.

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