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In this day and age, protecting the security of your home and business is critical. Studies have proven that properties with security systems installed are less likely to experience break-ins and theft and Police are now beginning to regularly use surveillance to assist in the identification of criminals. We offer the following Security Services:

Secure Entrance Control

At Voltec Services, we have taken the hard work away by providing a range of security camera products that have been tested and selected to meet specific requirements. We have a range of quality supply partners and we have absolute faith in their products. Ask us for a demonstration of the equipment we supply. Seeing is believing. There are many packages available for any budget.

Digital CCTV Camera Installation

Electronic Access Control allows you to control entry to your property and monitor the times people exit and enter. Allow entry to your property remotely via mobile phone and view and record an image to make sure you trust the person entering before allowing access.

Electronic Security System

An electronic security system installed at your property is the most effective way of deterring forced entry and property theft. There are a wide variety of products available each matching a specific budget and purpose. Voltec Services prides itself in explaining the benefits and limitations of each system so you know what is the best fit for your security situation.
Many insurance companies reduce Building & Contents Insurance premiums for those with security systems installed! Not only this, statistics show security systems prevent crime.

At Voltec Services, we provide a full Security Analysis of homes and businesses in the Townsville region to ensure your property is as secure as it possibly can be. We provide professional advice on suitable products and have a range of quality suppliers we trust so you get the best products at the best price to ensure the best possible security.

Our team are licensed Security Advisers and Installers with all members having completed and cleared Criminal History Checks. We are humbled to have a huge list of customer testimonials and referrals to show as testament to our honesty and professionalism.

IMPORTANT: Never let unlicensed installers to enter your home or business. As a property owner you are entitled to ask to see licenses. For the safety of yourself, your people and your property, please ensure you do so.

Remember, Security is a very individual thing with no two properties requiring the same. Our team at Voltec Services will spend the time you need to get the best security system for your property.

If you would like to know more about our security services, call us now on (07) 4426 1919 to arrange your Free Security Analysis.

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