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We are proud to announce we have been accepted into the Stronglink Fibre and Data Certified Installer Program. Stronglink offer a conditional 25 year warranty on products and installation – ensuring your investment into Data & Communication networks stands the test of time. Particularly, within Smart Building projects.

Throughout this article we will explore the exciting move towards Smart Buildings and sophisticated Data networks required to operate such a building.

What is a Smart Building?

A smart Building is a building that provides a productive and cost effective environment by integrating four elements: Structure, systems, Service & management.

The idea behind a Smart Building is to create a building environment in which voice, data, video, building automation, and security coexist in a single cabling infrastructure. Such a building environment, in theory would be more responsive to the internal demands of users as well as to external conditions such as weather. The smart infrastructure can collect data and optimise building for greater efficiency of operations, leading to lower long term expenses. 

An Airport is great example of a building that requires extensive data cabling built into the construction design Examples of functions incorporated into airports include:

  • Aircraft docking
  • Passport Control
  • Information displays
  • Self Serve Kiosks
  • Parking Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Duress alarms
  • Wi- fi

Construction Cost Savings of up to 15% are available if these systems are designed into the original build of the facility rather than retro-fitting in the future.

Example: Innovative smart building in Amsterdam

Check out this example of a Smart Building owned by Deloitte. A building like this would require a sophisticated, high quality data cabling to operate.

Smart buildings are not a new phenomenon

Siemens was exploring the future of Smart Buildings over 7 years ago. With technology rapidly innovating, there lies more and more possibilities in the world of Smart Building Design.

The future is Smart Buildings. With more and more buildings designed in this way, highly qualified & skilled technicians are required for installation of cable networks and peripheral equipment. Voltec Services technicians are fully qualified and have worked on small and large scale projects in this field. With regular training and industry experience we can offer great results in the delivery of your next project.

Contact Ryan at Voltec Services today to discuss your data cabling & network requirements.

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