We believe having the protection of a Digital CCTV surveillance system is a must in this day and age, hence the reason for choosing to specialise in the installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras and equipment. Considering the Crime issues in Townsville at the moment, quality Security Services are in high demand - Read our post on Townsville Crime - How to protect your home & business.

All business owners we talk to have a need for recording in some form or another. We find a high percentage of customers are disappointed with the performance of their analog and IP systems because most manufacturers claim to have great stats and results. Spending money on a system that provides average footage is like pouring money down the drain.

With the significant changes in CCTV systems over the last 10 years and the constant improvements in technology it can be difficult to ascertain which is the right security system to suit your needs. Some systems have an amazing array of features and a price tag to match but what is the point if you are only using 50% of those features…

At Voltec Services, we have taken the hard work away by providing a range of security products that have been tested and selected to meet specific requirements. We have a range of quality supply partners and we have absolute faith in their products. You can be assured that all products used are be carefully selected to achieve your unique requirements. We are confident in this statement and guarantee the results. Ask us for a demonstration of the equipment we supply. Seeing is believing. There are many packages available for any budget.

Regular problems with existing systems:

  • Poor camera resolution. This prevents clear images on playback and can prevent identification. A very common problem and this regularly prevents criminal charges being laid.
  • Jumpy image.
  • Cameras slowing down the network.
  • Pixelated image.
  • Poor camera viewing angles and location.
  • Poor cabling installation practices resulting in interference with video signal.
  • Limited recording resolution capability on DVR or NVR.
  • Poor quality hard drives.

At Voltec Services, we are trained and licenced to be advise on the ideal security solution to suit the needs of any business small or large.

Simply call Ryan on 0438 214 425 to get advice on your best security options. We will arrange with you a time to view your property to clearly understand your security needs and budget.

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Protect Your Home & Business from Townsville Crime

At Voltec Services, we provide a full Security Analysis of homes and businesses in the Townsville region to ensure your property is as secure as it possibly can be.

As you may already know, crime in Townsville is on the rise. With all the news surrounding crime in Townsville, you may be wondering how you can protect your home & business. Voltec Services offers you a solution in providing specialised security services for any budget.