Today, people rely on technology more than ever before. From cable TV at home to VOiP at work, being ‘connected’ has become a critical part of our day to day. Helping us achieve our goals and remain linked to the rest of the world. Our team of Data Cabling specialists can help you do just that. 

At Voltec Services we understand the enormity of the problem when things go wrong in the data and communications field. That is why from the start, we ensure things go right.

Our team members are not only certified but we also pride ourselves on being consistently up to date with the changes in technology. By making sure we are aware of the latest products, systems and technologies, we can pass those improvements on to you the customer.

Our Business Services include:

  •  Data cabling systems
  •  Data rack installations
  •  Installations and repairs
  •  Voice, data, video and multimedia systems
  •  Design, install and configure complete IP CCTV networks including remote viewing
  •  Fibre optic data cabling links
  •  Surge protection for incoming lines to protect network devices
  •  Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  •  Upgrades to Building Networks & connections
  •  Design, install & configure Wi-Fi Networks
  •  Diagnose and analyse wi-fi problems

Personal Services – for the home or office:

  •  Networking
  •  Data points
  •  Audio Visual
  •  Internet repairs and solutions
  •  Electrical Wiring for Phone, Internet & TV Points
  •  Data Cabling Installation
  •  Electronic equipment installation service
  •  Upgrade home wi-fi
  •  Design, install and configure wi-fi networks
  •  Diagnose and analyse wi-fi problems

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At Voltec Services, we offer a complete range of data and communication services – from cable installation to complete site design.

Call Ryan today for a no obligation conversation on 0438 214 425.