Voltec Services are proud to showcase the various works completed at Strand Fitness, Flinders Street


The project encompassed a variety of different technology requirements delivered in one package. This project is a prime example of the Voltec Services commercial experience. We work closely with client to identify needs and tailor package to meet diverse project requirements and parameters. Voltec Services team is made up with skilled technicians to solve complex project requirements and deliver a quality result.

Here is a recap of the work Voltec Services completed at Strand Fitness:

  • TV Installation and Upgrades
  • Upgrade of Wifi Network to reach to entire building
  • Installation of NightLife System
  • Installation of CrowdDJ Music System
Voltec Services

Wifi Reach Upgrade

To begin with, Strand Fitness required a WIFI network signal upgrade that reached the whole building. Previously, Wifi signal was coming off a modem that only allowed Wifi close to the source, but didn't spread well throughout the facility. Hence, Voltec Services designed a Wifi network that reaches every single part of the building, even down to the kids area so they can watch Youtube Videos whilst Mum or Dad work out!

Gym Member Wifi Access

In addition to extended Wifi range, Voltec Services assisted Strand Fitness to allow Gym user access to the Wifi network. When a  gym user enter premises, they will receive a notification that there is a wireless network available to use. To access free Wifi Network, user will have to check in at Strand Fitness on Facebook.

Overall, this system helps Strand Fitness gain leverage in providing a better service to members, plus Social Media Exposure. This is an exciting innovation to have implemented at Strand Fitness.

Voltec Services

Nightlife System

Voltec Services conducted alterations to the existing music setup. This included installation of a NightLife System with two different channels and MATV that distributes videos right throughout the facility. This allows Strand Fitness to choose what is displayed on the TVs, from whatever source preferred including Free-To-Air TV. There is also a great variety of different channels available for viewing in addition to Free-to-Air. Although NightLife Music will be primarily used, there is also opportunity for Strand Fitness to add advertisement content, and cycle this through with complete control.

Voltec Services have worked closely with NightLife to ensure the equipment components are right for Strand Fitness. Then successfully completed the installation and help with the commissioning.


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crowd df

Crowd DJ

The NightLife system also includes CrowdDJ, as shown in the photo to the left. Crowd DJ allows the gym user to tap into a huge selection of music according to their taste. The oldies can come in the mornings and choose their favourite classics, and then more modern athlete can come in the evening and play some Hard Rock or Jay Z.

CrowdDJ helps improve the overall experience of Strand Fitness and everyone can enjoy more of what they want. 

Voltec Services

Dungeon Sound System Upgrade

Voltec Services made some alterations to the existing sound system in the Dungeon areas. The alterations allowed for local input for the Nightlife System. This included volume controls and an auxiliary cord for users to plug into their phones. So in turn, users have another opportunity to play personal preference music in this area.

New TVs installed

TV & Projector Upgrades

Voltec Services installed brand new TV's throughout the facility and a projector in the Dungeon Room. The newly installed projector is used by Strand Fitness to display gym users heart rate monitors use Myzone.

Using this projector, clients can have their heart rate monitors up on the screen using Myzone.

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