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Are you interested to know potential business risks?

Are you interested to know potential risks to your business security? A Business Security check comprehensively provides an outsider’s analysis on the security risks to your business and prescribes solutions to lower risk of crime affecting your business.

For crime to occur, three conditions must be in place:

  • Someone who wants to commit a crime
  • A victim (business, person or home) that does not present too many challenges
  • No-one to intervene and prevent the crime from occurring.

To combat crime our options are:

  1. Reduce the number of motivated offenders
  2. Make crime more difficult to commit
  3. Anticipate new types of crime and find ways to stop them occurring

What is a business security check?

A Business security check assesses the risks to your business and determines suitable treatment options to reduce those risks. For Townsville crime is a current issue that affects homes and businesses at an alarming rate. Our specialists understand the conditions that make crime possible and the extent of crime against businesses in your local area.

What does a Business Security Analysis involve?

  1. Determining what exactly the real problems are in your suburb
  2. Identify your “treatment options” – these are the things that can be done to make it harder for someone to commit a crime.
  3. Implement changes to improve your business’s security.

Ryan & the team at Voltec Services complete broad business security checklists. These acts as an outsider’s snapshot of a business exposure to crime and internal fraud. Potentially saving you money, time and peace of mind.

Is it worth the investment?

The Australian Institute of Criminology conducted a survey in which 49% of all businesses surveyed reported that they had experienced crime in the previous year. The average financial cost of crime against a business was nearly $5,000 (source: Psychological Costs of Crime for Small Retail Businesses, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2002).

Potential Savings & Return on Investment

  • Business Building & Contents Insurance premiums decrease
  • Decrease risk of theft, therefore cost to replace loss of property
Security camera at work
Voltec Service team – On the job completing Axis Camera Certification in Townsville.

Is crime actually an issue & will it affect my business?

Yes, crime is a big issue in Townsville. Recent police statistics reveal car thefts & robberies have increased 80% from 2015 to 2016. There is no indication it is decreasing at this point either.

Townsville Crime Statistics
Source: Police statistics from 2015 to 2016 reveal car thefts and robberies have gone up nearly 80 per cent.

Crimes against Businesses include:

  • Fraud
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting and stealing
  • Robbery
  • Arson
  • Malicious damage (including graffiti, smashed windows etc)

The goal is to make it harder for criminals to commit crime against your business, and make it less rewarding for them to do so.

Security Solutions we offfer

Digital CCTV Installation

At Voltec Services, we have taken the hard work away by providing a range of security camera products that have been tested and selected to meet specific requirements. We have a range of quality supply partners and we have absolute faith in their products. Ask us for a demonstration of the equipment we supply. Seeing is believing. There are many packages available for any budget.

  • Surveillance equipment can enhance the physical security of your business and assist in the identification of people involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour
  • Cameras should be installed both within and around the business to maximise surveillance opportunities
  • Digital or high definition video technology should be used to record images from the cameras
  • Cameras should monitor the cashier’s area, high cost merchandise or areas with poor natural supervision
  • TV monitors should enable staff to monitor activities on the camera
  • Recording equipment should be installed away from the counter area to avoid tampering
  • High quality recording devices should be selected to ensure footage is of sufficient quality to identify and prosecute if necessary
  • Installed surveillance equipment should be maintained in working order and regularly tested
  • If a surveillance system is installed, use it
  • Staff should be trained in the correct use of the system
  • Any surveillance system should be manufactured and installed by a qualified and reputable company and regularly function tested
  • Ensure that staff are provided with their own access code to monitor relevant staff movements
  • Ensure that access codes are changed when employers leave the business.

Secure Entrance Control

Electronic Access Control allows you to control entry to your property and monitor the times people exit and enter. Allow entry to your property remotely via mobile phone and view and record an image to make sure you trust the person entering before allowing access.

Electronic Security Systems

An electronic security system installed at your property is the most effective way of deterring forced entry and property theft. There are a wide variety of products available each matching a specific budget and purpose. Voltec Services prides itself in explaining the benefits and limitations of each system so you know what is the best fit for your security situation.

If you would like to know more about  CCTV Installations and Electronic Security equipment, call us now on 0438 214 425 to arrange your BUSINESS SECURITY CHECK.

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