The owners of Waterview 169 were looking to revamp the venue and enlisted Voltec Service to carry out upgrades across a range of systems

Here is a recap of the work Voltec Services completed.

  • Audio Visual Control Tablet Upgrade
  • Upgrade of Audio Distribution System to BLU-100 Software
  • Installation of Sound System for Conference Room
  • Analog CCTV Upgrade to High Definition over existing cables
  • Installation of WiFi Network for POS & Client Use

The overall upgrade improved efficiency for staff and business tasks. It was a relatively cost-effective upgrade for the results delivered.

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Audio Visual Tablet Control Upgrade

The old smart tablet was outdated and faulty. To upgrade the app we had to rewrite the whole internal program (which was quite complex) and then reload it onto the new tablet. That's what you see in the image to the left. Then we added all those snazzy pictures in it just to give it a bit more of a sexy feel. You can pick different input sources and then select which output devices commands will be sent to. From this tablet the whole audio & video switching system can be controlled.

Here is what the new system can control:

  • TV Volumes
  • Music & Sound Volumes
  • Lighting Control
  • Multiple Video Inputs

How long did it take to install?

Approximately 1 week.

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The Hyrbrid System installed allowed both the old Analog Cameras and new Digital Cameras to run on the same network.

Analog to Digital CCTV Upgrade

Waterview 169 had 11 cameras to begin, Voltec Services installed an additional 2 cameras in Insurance High Risk Areas like the front entry stairs.

Originally, there was an old analog CCTV system that wasn't working. We proposed that they upgrade to a hybrid system which means it can run off the all the existing cabling throughout the building which was a big time saver. This in turn decreased labour costs for the upgrade.

The great thing about a hybrid system is that the older analog cameras can still record on the new recorder. So there is no need to replace all cameras. For Waterview 169, this means we could install upgraded CCTV Security Cameras in the important spots and still keep analog cameras functioning without having to incur extra expenses.

The higher definition cameras were installed near tills so the company could have better control of cash handling processes.

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Nightlife Crowd DJ Installation

Nightlife crowdDJ lets Waterview's customers pick their favourite music from the  Nightlife playlist, via the interactive in-venue kiosk (pictured to the left).

With Spotify integration customers can pick songs from their own playlists that match the venue’s soundtrack, making crowdDJ the perfect bridge between their home and the venue.


BLU-100 Audio System Upgrade

In order to resurrect this system to allow the new table to communicate, it was necessary to update the software and therefore the internal BLU-100 program.

Voltec Technicians followed a process in order to ensure that the final product's programming met the specific needs of the client. 

Here is some information about the BLU-100 System.

The Soundweb London BLU-100 offers a fixed configuration of 12 inputs and 8 outputs, configurable signal processing and a high bandwidth, fault tolerant digital audio bus.
The BLU-100 has open architecture which is fully configurable through HiQnet™ London Architect. A rich palette of processing and logic objects and a “drag and drop” method of configuration provide a simple and familiar design environment.


Audio System Installation

These speakers were custom painted to blend in with the ceiling. Overall providing fantastic sound, and customers won't know where it is coming from!

These speakers have been integrated into the Tablet Control System.

Installation of WiFi Network for POS & Client Use

The client required specific separation on the network for POS, Audio Control & General Use. Voltec configured this system to ensure security, smooth operation & uninterrupted user experience.

We set up the network up so that general public usage of network will not interfere with the business operation of network.


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