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LED Signage Installation for Selectability

Toward the end of 2020, our team was approached by Selectability, a not-for-profit, NDIS service provider, to complete an LED signage installation. This project was a joint venture between our team at Voltec Services and ME Technology Group. We installed two second-hand 2.2m x 1.2m outdoor LED signs along Cambridge street and Palmerston street. We have used this brand of LED signs previously, so we know exactly how to restore parts, where to source them from and how to maintain them to ensure they’re working effectively. 

These LED signs are visible from two different directions, to ensure that the digital benefits allow our clients to communicate with as much passing traffic as possible in this popular roadside location.​ By utilising their roadside location, the LED display allows our clients to remotely market to their targeted consumer groups throughout the day, and even after business hours.

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How Did This Project Come Together? 

Many people were involved in this project, such as, Dial Before You Dig, crane and dingo drivers, fabricators to design suitable sized frames, and a concreter to secure the fittings. As this LED installation is being placed on state land, council approval was needed to ensure suitability of the signs. For this particular project, we ran fibre optic cable from an existing conduit on the building, so the ground didn’t need to be excavated.  We then ran a dedicated power circuit out to the LED signs. Our team also worked with Selecability’s IT department to download the new software onto their computers and demonstrate how to use it as a marketing tool. The new LED signage installation is now up and running, with some final touches being made. 


What Are LED Signs? 

LED signs and displays are the forefront technology of innovative advertising solutions. With high brightness and sharp resolution, LED signs and screens are unrivalled in gaining attention and successfully portraying a message for your business. Commercial LED signage provides a dynamic messaging solution that allows you to interact with customers and prospects in real time. Digital signage is controlled electronically, allowing you to change your content to deliver targeted messages that inform, educate, and motivate your potential customer.

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Benefits of Commercial LED Signage

Many businesses are now recognising that commercial LED signs can be of great benefit to their business, both inside their premises and externally. Here are the main benefits of LED signs:

  • 24/7 Advertising - Their high visibility and impact make them an incredibly effective way to promote your business. Brands have used LED signage displays to empower their marketing strategies for internal use in shop fronts, front of house advertisements and seamless displays throughout workplaces. The technology gives you the ability to update your content to be displayed at any time, enabling you to ensure you are marketing to your direct audience at all times.
  • Attract New Clients – Creating signage that engages and appeals to people immediately will help bring them to your business. Use your LED display to provide information and product offers, in the form of text, images or videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video tells many more. The possibilities are endless with Commercial LED signage. By advertising engaging content, it may generate additional attention from prospective customers and increase your foot traffic as well.
  • Cost Effective – Although it does require an initial investment, LED signage can help your business to save money. Let your signage work for you! An effective LED sign can help you reduce advertising costs by allowing you to advertise on your premises.
  • Creates Brand Awareness – LED installations can show prospective customers what your business can do. You can promote your business and generate significant attention. Use your sign to show recent projects, promotions, sales, specials, and discounts. It is now becoming one of the most prominent choices by businesses due to its effectiveness. LED signs immediately build brand awareness and strong name recognition among motorists and passers-by. 
  • Versatility – Commercial LED signage allows businesses to frequently update and change promotions or messages, which increases productivity and your overall ability to connect with your targeted consumer base. Roadside billboard advertising placed on a highly trafficked road increases your likelihood to be seen. When coordinated with an array of changing promotions, you are able to captivate and have an impact on your customers.​

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What Types of LED Signage Installations Do Voltec Services Provide?

We have installed a range of different styles and sized commercial LED signs over the years. From indoor and outdoor, to billboard style, small pixel, large pixel, custom sized, specialty frames and standard frames. We can put together everything from start to finish. If the client isn’t sure which LED signs will be suitable for them, or if they’re unsure about needing council approval, we are the team to call! We can ask all of those questions and put the whole project together for you. We are currently looking into getting more demo models set up, so that people can see the different signage, their functions and how it suits their requirements. 

Voltec Services LED Installation Maintenance 

Low maintenance is another added benefit of LED signage. While there is a basic maintenance period of 12 months, it also comes down to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Should your signage require any maintenance, our team will ensure that we meet the manufacturers specifications, especially with warranty stipulations. What sets us apart from other companies, is that we provide 24hr callout services as part of our normal operations. This allows us to ensure these marketing tools are operating effectively at all times. 


How Will Investing in Commercial LED Signage Help My Business?

Investing in an outdoor LED display is a one-time-only investment with few to almost no maintenance costs. Simple signage software allows businesses to customise text, logos, and images to display everything. The programmable software also allows companies to place various messages and can schedule different ads, promotions, or announcements to be run on different occasions or days. 

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