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Why 10GbE is the next logical step.

Read about why to consider the quality of Office or Building cabling products to withstand future loads. Technology advancement  is increasing the load requirements, many existing networks will fail.

LAN Cabling remains the backbone of all networking in ICT - even in the advanced technology era of WLAN, Internet of Things (IoT) & Smartphones.

Research indicates more than half of all network interruptions are caused by the physical layer. This is why cabling has to be planned well with foresight, providing capacity for future loads and generations of active devices to be connected.

The most frequent causes of failure include:

  • Poor Quality Products
  • Products that are not used correctly
  • Failure to plan for future loads

Cabling material represents only 3.5% of IT costs to setup. But is responsible for more than 50% of operational reliability. Therefore using the wrong cabling or cabling that is not powerful enough is one of the most expensive mistakes to make.

10G requirements are increasing in all areas.

Examples of High Capacity Scenarios to consider:

    When a large number of computer workstations access cloud services, virtual machines, collaboration platforms, software as a service, voice over IP and video streaming at the same time, IP traffic increases to a level never experienced before. To allow for productive working with low latency, the LAN requires enough capacity.
  • WIRELESS EVERYWHERE - Large Buildings & Campuses
    Mobile communication is everywhere and requires high bandwidth. Additional Wi-Fi access points are increasingly connected in buildings and on campuses to meet demand. The smartphone  and tablet density of a radio cell is always increasing, as is applications’ bandwidth need. Therefore the aggregate data volume of a WLAN cell is continuously rising.
  • ALL OVER IP - Intelligent Buildings
    Buildings, Offices and factories are increasingly becoming intelligent (see our Smart Buildings Article). More systems and functions added constantly and could nicely be taken care of with IP, Ethernet and LAN. Alongside data transfer, the LAN is increasingly being tasked with providing IP-based end devices with energy using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

In conclusion, LAN has to be designed for more demanding tasks. Old office networks with 1GbE, poor-quality connectivity or shoddily installed cabling will fail in the scenarios described above.

Product Developments, Standards and market statistics are all pointing in the same directions - The next logical step is 10GbE.

Speak to the Ryan today about data networks for your Office or building. Ensure your network is ready to withstand future