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Voltec Services Help Pimlico State High School Make Significant Upgrades to Its Audio-Visual Equipment

Exciting Audio-Visual Upgrades for Pimlico State High School

Pimlico State High School reached out to us at the end of October to provide a quote on short-throw projector upgrades. Having completed audio-visual upgrades for the school in the past, we were pleased to have the opportunity to work with them again. We assessed their needs and the installation conditions to recommend an education projector that would perfectly suit their requirements. 

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How Will This Audio-Visual Upgrade Benefit You?

Short-throw projectors are ideal for delivering engaging presentations in the classroom or office, without having the restriction of space. In recent years, there has been an increased usage of short-throw projectors in schools. There are many benefits of short-throw projectors, including: 

  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Enables the teacher to share different styles of media;
  • Features touchscreen functions; and
  • Increased collaboration in the classroom.

Studies have also shown that student engagement and learning outcomes improve when they are employed. As a result of these upgrades, Pimlico State High School will see a huge improvement. Currently, most of their equipment is approximately two generations old. 

IMG 1820 900px
Epson ELP-CB03 Cable Management & Connection Box

The Epson ELP-CB03 connection and control box offers extensive control of multimedia sources connected to the short-throw projector. The control box is designed to mount onto the wall next to the projected image. Therefore, making it easily accessible to the teacher. It also enables them to change sources and adjust volume without the need of a remote control.

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How Long Will the Audio-Visual Installation Take to Complete?

This project requires 3-4 crew members and will take a full week to complete. It requires the installation of projectors, speakers, and power and wall inputs into 14 classrooms. Our team coordinated with staff to ensure the job will be completed in an agreed time frame and ready for students to return to school.

IMG 1818 900px
Short-Throw Projectors and Equipment

Were There Any Obstacles That The Team Needed To Overcome?

Clear communication is always important with any job that we complete. However, with this job being completed during school holidays, specific coordination was essential. 

In order to complete this job, keys and access codes need to be handed over. So, when selecting an electrical company, it is important to choose one that you can trust. As Pimlico State High School have worked with us previously, they know exactly what to expect from us and our services.

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How Can Voltec Services Help You With Your Audio-Visual Project?

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