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LED Lighting design for warehouses

Did you know that excellent warehouse lighting design is crucial for an efficient and safe warehouse? The smooth operation of a warehouse is necessary for efficient management and safety of all involved - an effective lighting design will ensure your space is utilised and accessible for peak performance. Energy-efficient LED lighting is quickly becoming the most widely used solution for warehouses because of its low running costs, longer life span and flexibility of styles

Not sure if the lighting in your warehouse is optimal and safe? Contact us for a free quote and advice on your next led lighting installation cost

Why is Warehouse Lighting design important?

A single warehouse can have many functions, each of which has different lighting needs to operate effectively. To provide an optimum lighting solution, each space needs to be considered, mapped, and categorised for its function and activity level. Warehouses are quite tall and will have different light requirements at each level, and fixtures like shelving can impact the spread of light, resulting in reduced productivity. Warehouses also tend to have certain features that can create difficulties with lighting, including

  • Little or no windows causing a lack of natural light
  • Frequent light maintenance can be costly and difficult with tall ceilings
  • Accumulation of dust and particles
  • Poor ventilation or heat dissipation

An appropriate LED lighting design will provide a safe and functional working environment for both employees and stock. Contact us today to discuss your led light installation cost.

Why is LED lighting a good choice?

LED Lighting has several benefits that make them a more efficient choice to the traditional HPS (high-pressure sodium), halogen or fluorescent lights that have been typically used in warehouses

  • LED’s have a much longer lifespan which means less replacement and maintenance costs.
  • As they are very energy efficient, the long-term electricity costs of running them are drastically reduced.
  • They come in a much wider variety of colour temperature colours, allowing greater flexibility.
  • They have good light uniformity which improves working conditions.
  • Being easily controlled, they have a great tolerance for dimmer switches and can be instantly restarted at no detriment to the bulbs or lighting quality.
  • They come in a huge variety of styles to suit every need, from an led strip to floodlights, panel lights to high bay lights.

If you would like to reduce your warehouse lighting running costs then contact us at Voltec Services to find out how we can help!

Why choose Voltec Services for your Warehouse Lighting Design?

We are a locally owned and operated business that has been providing local businesses with high-quality commercial electrician services over the past 15+ years. We specialise in the Construction, Service & Maintenance industries and will provide you with exceptional, friendly, and timely service. Additionally, we know the area and climate and can tailor your warehouse lighting design to suit it, with a parts and labour warranty for up to 5 years for peace of mind. You will also have a Manufacturer warranty extending up to 10 years for a solid return on investment timeframe.

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