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Registered Hikvision Security Dealers

We are excited to announce that we are officially a trained and registered Hikvision Security Dealers for Hikvision Security products. At Voltec services, our team have been installing Hikvision security cameras and systems for many individuals and businesses in Townsville and surrounding areas for many years. As we have been installing their products for quite some time and have been very happy with the results, we made the decision to become registered Security Dealers. Being part of this program allows us to provide a full range of Hikvision CCTV products to clients who require residential or small to medium business security systems. Our team are fully trained on the Hikvision products we supply to provide the best possible solutions for each client’s individual needs.

Who is Hikvision? – Surveillance cameras & CCTV system supplier

Hikvision was established in 2001 and is one of the largest suppliers of surveillance camera equipment world-wide. They are a globally recognised company, known for their innovative video security products and solutions, suitable for both homes and businesses. At Voltec Services, we offer a diverse range of Hikvision security cameras and accessories for surveillance installations, protecting every corner and crevice of your home or workplace. Hikvision is certainly one of the most innovative and best choices when it comes to home and business security surveillance systems. Having quality CCTV in place means you will constantly have vision of what is going on in and around your property.


Are you looking to install a CCTV home security system? Our team of professionals can assist with product recommendations and installation to meet your specialised needs. Contact us today for more information.

Protect your home and business with quality CCTV camera Hikvision products

CCTV surveillance technology is constantly changing and improving. Hikvision are right on top of these advances with an array of new and upcoming products. Having such a wide range of products, Hikvision Australia can supply products for any situation or need.

Get full home or business protection with Hikvision’s AX PRO Series Wireless Alarm System – Security systems Townsville

Alarm products are the ideal security solution for both residential and workplace scenarios. Hikvision’s AX PRO range is a powerful and secure wireless intrusion alarm system that is designed to be easy to install and flexible to expand. Unlike other leading alarm systems, the AX PRO range is entirely controlled and configured through the Hik-Connect App. This offers a centralised multi-site and multi-user management portal which allows remote interface, adding and configuring devices, one tap arm and disarm, system and device status, and video & GIF viewing. It integrates with existing Hikvision CCTV and ONVIF cameras and is well priced for the consumer market.

Most importantly, the system is easy for end users to manage and operate. The AX PRO alarm begins with the control panel which acts as a hub for the whole system. Next, a large range of devices can be added, including indoor and outdoor detectors, sounders, repeaters, relays, and arming devices, which can be used to create a custom alarm system designed to suit your requirements exactly. For peace of mind, the alarm system has Intrusion Video Verification as a Service (IVaaS) to confirm the reason for alarm being caused. The system has a higher level of functionality for users that require more features for security monitoring. Furthermore, the AX PRO Series Wireless Alarm System does not have ongoing licencing costs which is very advantageous.

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Learn more about the Ax Pro Series Wireless Alarm System or contact us today.

Hikvision AcuSense – CCTV System

Hikvision offers a range of security cameras, NVRs, and DVRs, that have AcuSense technology built in. With functions of automatic alarm light and audio, AcuSense cameras also detect potential intruders before a security breach occurs. It is able to detect humans and vehicles reliably, triggering alarms to end users’ mobile devices. Additionally, the technology also creates labels in video footage for fast, accurate incident searches. The False Alarm Reduction can reduce up to 90% of the false alarm events such as animals, heavy rain, or other moving objects. The Quick Target Search feature saves time preventing the user from searching through footage manually. AcuSense helps homeowners and businesses respond to security incidents in real time based on fast, reliable, verifiable intrusion alerts. As a result, they can take security to the next level and respond faster to incidents before losses or damages are incurred.

 Hikvision alarm

If your home or business needs CCTV system installation, our team at Voltec Services will have all your security needs taken care of in an efficient and cost-effective way. Contact us for a free quote or more information.

How can Voltec Services help with your surveillance cameras or security systems in Townsville?

Choosing quality security camera and system is the best thing you can do to protect your home and family or business and staff. At Voltec Services, we take away the hard work by providing a range of quality CCTV systems and security products, that have been tested and selected to meet specific requirements. Above all, as a Hikvision Security Dealer, we have faith in their products and the knowledge to explain the technical details in simple terms. Therefore, you can rest assured that all products used are carefully selected to achieve your unique requirements and budget.Our services include the supply, installation, and maintenance of CCTV cameras, CCTV home security and much more. As Hikvision authorised installers and dealers we plan and integrate Hikvision camera systems to suit your business security needs.

Want a free quote for CCTV home security or workplace alarm and CCTV systems? Contact us for a free quote and be sure to let us know if you have any questions. Our team will be happy to assist.